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Spanning I-80 at Exit 275, the Archway offers a unique historical exhibit that brings American history to life and so much more.

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Superheroes leap over tall buildings in a single bound. They save the world from impending destruction by the hands (or tentacles) of invading aliens bent on taking over Earth and enslaving the human race. Superheroes stop villains from robbing banks, kidnapping children and assist the general public in any way possible. They wear capes, masks or have the ability to don an iron suit in a snap.

Thankfully, the always present danger of losing Earth to aliens is only an old Hollywood storyline that’s struck fear into moviegoers for decades. But I’m here to tell you superheroes really do exist. And not just on the big screen.

The Archway is very fortunate to work with two groups in hosting their fundraising events during our #archwaysummeroffun. Compass Nebraska’s Superhero Dash on July 4 is a day full of everyday superheroes, dressed up as Hollywood superheroes, helping to become a foster child’s superhero. By supporting Compass, you’re helping foster families guide children with difficult pasts into a promising future.

Concrete Cares is another organization of superheroes. It was born to help expand the awareness of the need for cancer research and fundraising by the concrete industry. Their event on September 27 will be an afternoon of family fun, working to raise funds to paint their trucks pink as well as create new, awesome concrete projects to help raise cancer awareness.


You don’t have to be a Hollywood superhero to be a superhero. Anyone can be a superhero and there’s so many ways you can be one. But my hope is that you’ll join us this summer to support these two amazing organizations reach their goals so we can all be #superheroes!