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The Archway

Presenting 170 years of history in under an hour, The Archway starts in the 1840s at Fort Kearny where over 400,000 Americans and immigrants converged on the Mormon, Oregon and California trails before heading west to the frontier. The Transcontinental Railroad, Pony Express and first transcontinental telegraph line also followed along the Great Platte River as well as the Lincoln Highway, the first pieces of the Interstate Highway system and the first transcontinental fiber optic superhighway. Follow the pioneers throughout time and immerse yourself in their story in this unique visual and audio representation of all the transportation history and the millions of travelers that followed the Great Platte River Road.

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The Archway

Join the 1.5 million visitors who have experienced the westward expansion of a nation through the eyes of those who lived it. Spanning 310 feet over Interstate 80 near Kearney, Nebraska, The Archway presents 170 years of America’s westward movement through detailed displays and harrowing stories you’ll hear as you walk over one of America’s busiest interstate highways.

Start at Ft. Kearny in the 1840s where the Oregon Trail converged with the Mormon Trail and California Trail. Here, you’ll immerse yourself in the sights of the historic trails while listening to the stories of the early pioneers. Next, hear the rumble of the Iron Horse on the transcontinental railroad as it passes overhead. Watch a Pony Express rider make a quick stop to change horses as he races to deliver mail across the country. Listen in as the first transcontinental telegraph transmits the news of the breakout of the Civil War to the West Coast. Finally, traverse the historic Lincoln Highway, catch the newsreel at the drive-in theater and take a break to check on the traffic below in the roadside diner. A perfect stop for a family vacation, this award-winning display can be viewed in under an hour.

Create unforgettable memories at this one of a kind experience that can only happen at The Archway. The Archway is also proud to be an official Nebraska Tourist Information Center.

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  • “First rate. One of the very best.”

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  • “Enjoyable, Excellent, Entertaining”

    – Candice, Denver, CO

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