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Spanning I-80 at Exit 275, the Archway offers a unique historical exhibit that brings American history to life and so much more.

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You can spend a little over an hour or an entire afternoon at the Archway. Take advantage of everything the Archway has to offer. Our admission charge applies only to our historical exhibit. All other areas are admission free.

Make the Archway, at I-80 Exit 275 in Kearney, NE, part of your travel adventure.

Tickets for the historical exhibit may be purchased when you arrive or in advance.

Visit the Archway and…


Walk with the Pioneers Over the Oregon Trail!

Be inspired by the daring and determination of the pioneers who packed all their belongings into ox drawn wagons and followed the Oregon Trail westward from Fort Kearny, Nebraska.


Watch a rider switch horses at a pony express station!

Be amazed by the courage and skill of the pony express riders who carried the mail across the prairie and the mountains from Missouri to California in just 10 days.


Relive the driving of the Golden Spike!

Celebrate the competition between the Central Pacific and Union Pacific as they raced to build the first railroad line that stretched from Omaha to San Francisco.


Share stories of life on “America’s Main Street”

When cars became affordable for almost anyone, Americans began their love affair with the road trip. See what it was like to travel cross-country in 1913 on the Lincoln Highway.


And More!

Experience a buffalo stampede, visit with 49ers on their way to the California gold fields, see a daring winter rescue on the Mormon Trail, visit a 1950s drive-in theater and watch I-80 traffic pass beneath you from the window of our replica Roadside Café.

All this history happened right here, in Central Nebraska, and is happening here, daily, at the Archway.

Make the Archway part of your great adventure!

Love ❤️ your place.

I was there last month when passing thru with my daughter on our way home back in Rising Sun, Indiana as we were coming back from Washington state and California. I did not stop yesterday, as I was on my way back to deliver in Turlock, California. Very much enjoyed our visit there though. Keep up the good work. I would highly recommend people stop and visit. I want my lovely wife to go with me on a trip and if we go out I-80 we will stop. Love ❤️ your place.

Mel Higham
Facebook Review

I thoroughly recommend this museum if you're making a trip through the Midwest.

Living in another part of the country you only get an overview of certain parts of history like the westward expansion. This museum is a great way to learn about the history of the area and what part it plays in the history of the United States. I thoroughly recommend this museum if you're making a trip through the Midwest.

Trevor Parker
Facebook Review

A MUST-STOP if you are in the area.

I'm from Michigan and went to Nebraska for the first time Ever in Sept 2017. My daughter and I were fascinated by this museum. It's self-guided and was very educational about the area's history of I-80 and the Oregon Trail. Well worth the entrance fee. Simply Loved it. Definitely worth stopping and checking it out since it catches your eye from a distance on the Interstate also with its architecture. A MUST-STOP if you are in the area.

Kristie Jeffery
Google Review

It's a pretty fun stop along the road.

It's a pretty fun stop along the road. The museum is interesting and the format is cool with the automatic self guided tour headphones. It's a bit of a Mormon story hour, but there were other pieces of history that I really did enjoy. I definitely learned a few things. It was worth the stop.

David Atwood
Google Review

Had a Knotts Berry Farm, Walt Disney feel to it.

Very interesting and fun had a Knotts Berry Farm, Walt Disney feel to it, and actually the museum was revamped by associates of Walt Disney I as found out when i asked the attendant. Don't pass this up it's worth the time to see and appreciate the history of our past migration to the Wild West!

Garon Vega
Google Reiview

Fun and educational way to spend an hour.

This is a great stop! If you've driven under it, and wondered what it was all about, take an hour or so and visit the arch. It's a fun and educational way to spend an hour and learn a little bit about the great wild west and how it was settled. Good gift store too!

Ban Jo
Google Review

Takes you through time as the area changed.

Great museum takes you through the various trails that went through the area and tries to depict how life would have been. Also takes you through time as the area changed, self guided with individual head phones.

David Piroutek


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