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Spanning I-80 at Exit 275, the Archway offers a unique historical exhibit that brings American history to life and so much more.

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Rent a space at the Archway for your private event.

    Rental Agreement Form

    The accuracy and completeness of this application is very important. All requests are on a first-come basis and no date will be reserved until The Archway approves the rental requests with a down payment. There is no binding commitment until a Rental Agreement has been signed and fees are collected.

    1. Venue Requested*

    Event Room
    Meeting Room
    Outdoor Grounds
    Archway Shelter

    A down payment is required to hold your space with either a credit card or check. Down payment will be used towards the total fee required to rent space.

    2. Primary Contact and/or Organization

    3. Event Type

    Date of Event*

    (Fee based on total time of rental.)

    (Prior arrangements are required.)

    4. Event Specifications for Event Room and Meeting Room

    Please fill in and mark the spots below to the best of your ability to help the Archway be prepared to make your event a success. The more accurate and detailed your responses, the better we can assist you.

    a. Tables and Chairs-150 person occupancy (Event Room only)

    b. Table Linens and Linen Napkins @ $8.00 per table (Event Room only)

    c. Tables and Chairs-30 person occupancy (Meeting Room only)







    5. Terms and Conditions

    Please initial the following items to acknowledge you have read and understand the following:


    6. E-Signature


    The applicant is authorized agent of the group submitting this application. The applicant (and his/her organization if applicable) making this application understand and agree to assume all risk for loss, damage, liability, injury, cost or expense that may arise during or be caused in any way by such use or occupancy of The Archway. The applicant further agrees that in consideration of being permitted to use said facility, he/she and the group will defend, indemnify and hold harmless. The Archway, and their agents and employees harmless from any loss, claims and liability or damages and/or injuries to person and property that in any way may be caused by the applicant’s use or occupancy of the facility.