Visit the Archway

Visit the Archway in Kearney, Nebraska, and celebrate the American spirit of adventure!

For over 200 years, the path along the Platte River through Nebraska has been the road to adventure for those who dared to take it. The Archway in Kearney, Nebraska, tells the story of the courageous folks who followed that path and helped to build America.

At the Archway, you’ll…

Walk with the pioneers over the Oregon Trail!

Be inspired by the daring and determination of the pioneers who packed all their hopes into an ox drawn wagon and hit the trail westward from Fort Kearny, Nebraska.

Watch a rider switch horses at a Pony Express Station!

Be amazed by the courage and skill of the pony express riders who carried the mail across the prairie and the mountains from Missouri to California in just 10 days.

Relive the driving of the Golden Spike!

Celebrate the competition between the Central Pacific and Union Pacific as they raced to build the first railroad line that stretched from Omaha to San Francisco.

Share stories of life on “America’s Main Street”

When cars became affordable for almost anyone, Americans began to their love affair with the road trip. See what it was like to travel cross-country in 1913 on the Lincoln Highway.

And more!

Experience a buffalo stampede, visit with 49ers on their way to the California gold fields, see a daring winter rescue on the Mormon Trail, visit a 1950s drive-in theater and watch I-80 traffic pass beneath you from the window of our replica Roadside Café.


All this history happened right here, in Central Nebraska, and is happening here, daily, at the Archway.

Make the Archway part of your great adventure!