Historic Anniversary at the Archway

August 25, 2017 all-day
Historic Anniversary at the Archway

August 25 is the 107th anniversary of the date when this historic marker was placed along the south channel of the Platte River, just northwest of Fort Kearny, to mark the spot where the Oregon Trail crossed the river.  The sign was placed in 1910 by a group called the Fort Kearny National Park Association as a temporary marker.  The Association, made up of Civil War veterans who came to Nebraska to homestead, campaigned to have Fort Kearny declared a national park.  Their efforts failed and no permanent marker was ever placed in the spot.  It is not known for how long the marker stayed in place but it is evident that it was used by some for target practice. The contours of the river have changed and the marker was moved from its original site.  But you can still see the marker on display, today, at the Archway, where we remember history and celebrate the American spirit of adventure.  The marker is pictured, here, with its owner, who has generously loaned it for temporary exhibit at the Archway.