About Archie

Meet Archie!

Archie is the loveable and cuddly spokesanimal for The Archway. Born and raised right here at The Archway, Archie loves to spend his days taking tours of The Archway and learning all he can about history. His favorite season is spring because he loves to watch the thousands of Sandhill Cranes taking a break along the great Platte River as they migrate north.

Archie loves to meet new people and help with their first Archway experience. Check back as Archie becomes more involved with all the great and exciting things that happen at The Archway


Archie has a blog! Journey along with Archie as he traverses this big world of ours. From The Archway to destinations around the world, Archie loves to share his experiences with the social media world. He’ll also be keeping you up to date on Archway events and tell some of the stories of travelers along the Great Platte River Road. Click the title above to read about his latest adventure.