#archiesadventures is an all-encompassing social media hashtag that brings together my fun experiences whether they’re at The Archway or from one my world travels. My blog will give you an inside look into events at The Archway and help you share in all of my adventures here and abroad!

I’ve already met fantastic people in my short time as The Archway spokesanimal, traveled to destinations like the Panama Canal, experienced a South African safari and visited a few of the hallowed battlegrounds of the American Civil War. I’ve also been lucky enough to experience community events hosted at The Archway, such as the Compass Supehero Dash, Kearney Cruise Nites, Concrete Cares and Crane River Theater’s ‘Zombies Attack! A Run for Your Life.’


With your help, my adventures can take me anywhere in the world. I love to have fun, I love to learn and I love to meet new people. When you take me somewhere, take pictures with me and share them on The Archway’s social media using #archiesadventures. That will make it easy for me to share our experience with the rest of the social media world!


My adventures will also help The Archway achieve its mission of educating. With an award-winning display that highlights the stories of the pioneers who traveled along the Oregon, Mormon and California trails, transcontinental railroad, Lincoln Highway and the Interstate highway system,  The Archway covers 170 years of history of what we call the Great Platte River Road. So, from time to time I’ll take you further into the stories of the travelers along the road as well as a behind-the-scenes look into what makes The Archway exhibit work.

Like I said, I love to have fun, and I plan to have fun with this blog. Enjoy!